40+ Best Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Get some creative shots in, do a few mounts or stunts, and you will have material for a calendar that will sell very well, with all proceeds going to benefit the cheerleading squad. Go around town securing donations from local establishments. This will allow you to sell hotdogs, popcorn, candy, beverages, or anything else you can think of.
This popular school fundraiser allows families to collect used shoes to be recycled for no cost. Working with a fundraising company like Big Fundraising Ideas (BFI) can simplify the logistics of kid-led fundraisers. We help by enabling groups to sell products online without inventory, providing tips and tricks, and keeping youth leaders updated on school fundraising trends. However, to be even more successful, middle schoolers need to be motivated in the right way to want to do acts of kindness at school. Motivation is key — and it can be a lot of fun, too… for everyone involved.
Try connecting with local businesses to earn donated raffle items, such as movie vouchers or restaurant gift certificates. In return, these sponsors can earn marketing opportunities at your event. Bake sales are the perfect addition to a school event or can be paired with other community happenings, such as soccer games, church gatherings, or seasonal carnivals. So, if your school is interested in supporting a local charity or non-profit than you should try this idea. You will be proud to wear these top quality brand named items. This catalog is great for raising money for new sports equipment & to cover transportation costs for future competitions.
These can be held at the school, local areas, shopping malls, anywhere to get everyone involved. Each age level can have different difficulties, entry fees can come from the students to participate or parents can donate to watch the competition. Rides, homemade goodies and a fun day for the whole family! This takes extra organisation but definitely pays off as a cracker of a fundraiser for the school. Classes and grades can hold stalls to sell items or provide entertainment, the options are limitless. Biome’s online fundraiser is a simple and stress-free way to fundraise with no waste, money counting or order handling.
Advertise your offer on your website, in local newspapers, magazines, notice boards, and other places. You can base it around your sport or choose a more generic fitness activity (e.g. running, yoga, weightlifting, dance, or climbing). Create a sign-up sheet so that all the registered attendees can write what they’ll be bringing. This helps eliminate crossovers and ensures there’s enough variety.
Plus, it gives students the opportunity to work together with their peers and parents to win an awesome prize. Middle schoolers are all about expressing their individuality, making talent shows an ideal middle school fundraising idea! fundraising ideas for high school allow students to pursue their interests and display their talents. Hosting a talent show is an easy way for your school to raise money while giving your students an exciting and classic school experience.
Students can bring donations to school that day, and the fun clothes will remind parents to send their donations for this quick and easy middle school fundraising idea. This is an exciting and educative fundraising idea for middle school students. To raise funds, you can sell food and drinks at the event or ask each participant to pay a small registration fee. The only real expense you’ll have with this fundraising idea is the cost of printing the discount cards. With the right promotions from the right local businesses, though, you’ll make that up in no time! Discount cards are one of our favorite fundraising ideas for sports teams, but they work great for other groups in both small towns and tight-knit neighborhoods.
This fundraiser gets them exercising outside in the fresh air. Simply get friends and family to sponsor the students based on how many miles they walk. This is a fun PTO fundraiser idea for students and family alike. We have dozens of ideas for faculty and staff to raise money for schools. So, please request a risk-free fundraising info kit today for your PTO.