Best Fundraising Sites: 9 Platforms to Help Double Donations

It integrates with Stripe, PayPal,, and all WooCommerce gateways if you choose to process your payments with WooCommerce. WP Crowdfunding Native wallet system allows you to track pledges for each campaign and distribute funds accordingly to individual stakeholders. WPForms also has a free plugin called WPForms Lite, which is used by over 5 million websites.
AmtelWebFunding is a fundraising platform for everyone, anywhere, and in any society. Piggybackr provides a school fundraising platform where parents and students can raise money (as a team or individually) for school projects. Piggybackr gives students points and badges for their fundraising efforts. The percentage a crowdfunding site takes of all the money you raise through your fundraiser is known as the platform fee.
Through this method of fundraising, the valuable time and effort that volunteers put into your nonprofit can be translated into beneficial funds for your organization. Spread awareness about corporate grants amongst your volunteer base, and encourage them to inquire about the resources offered by their corporations. Find some examples of successful nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns here. At Mobilize, we’ve helped organizations of all sizes drive millions of supporter interactions.
Effective engagement with your donors can help to strengthen relationships and foster a sense of community around your cause, which can ultimately encourage long-term support. Look for platforms that offer tools for keeping donors informed about your charity’s progress, as well as options for expressing gratitude and recognition to your supporters. As the digital age continues to evolve, online donation platforms have become increasingly crucial for nonprofits seeking to raise funds and support their causes. These platforms not only make it easier for organizations to collect donations but also provide them with tools to effectively engage with their audience and manage donor relationships. The convenience and accessibility offered by online platforms have made it simpler for donors from all over the world to contribute with just a few clicks. Fundraise Up is an online fundraising platform that leverages artificial intelligence and automation to create personalized donor experiences.
Kickstarter is arguably the most popular and well-known crowdfunding site on the internet. The company has helped millions of artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, small businesses, and other creators raise over $6.7 billion to fund more than 225,000 projects successfully. It is an all-or-nothing situation with funding as you have to meet the goal you set within the allotted time or everyone gets their money back.
It also gives backers incentive to pledge more to help you reach your goal. Bidding Owl’s auction management software allows nonprofits to build their charity auction websites within minutes to hit the ground running promoting their event. Bidding Owl’s fully customizable websites empower nonprofits to brand and edit their event pages however they want. 32auctions’ user-friendly interface lets nonprofits set up their auction websites, then sit back and relax.
The same people who are available to help you run the most successful campaign possible are the same people who are reviewing your grants, appeal letters, profile, and more. Donors can feel secure knowing that there is oversight over any campaign that they choose to support; that their money is being put to good use. For nonprofit fundraising websites that we do not recommend PayPal for political donations, we also discourage the use of other business-based payment processing services like Stripe, Venmo, Braintree, WePay, etc. The lack of proper donor data collection and ease of reporting makes it harder for campaigns to comply with political fundraising laws and regulations. If you do go with one these services, it’s likely you’ll need custom programming by a web developer to integrate proper data collection.
For example, an organization raising funds to fight a rare illness may also find that the campaign educates people about that condition, not to mention its treatments and symptoms. The same scenario can occur for crowdfunding pages highlighting social, economic, or political injustices. Campaign creators not only raise money, but they also educate their peers about the overarching issue behind the financial need. Drop a post on facebook or tweet this page to help other charities and fundraisers choose the right online fundraising platform. In exchange for hosting your Crowdfunding sites charge a platform fee (either as a monthly rate or a percentage of money raised), a transaction fee, a payment processing fee, or some combination.
For example, if your nonprofit is centered around helping women or young girls, it would make sense to use images of some women or girls you’ve helped. Now that you have a rough idea of what needs to be included on your donation page, here are some tips on how to make sure it all fits together properly to capture those sweet, sweet donations. We are ILP, a Utah-based non-profit org that has service abroad opportunities for college-age volunteers.
One to explain their mission statement and why you should support it. They sometimes use online pledge forms on different landing pages on their site. However, the main UNFPA donation page is shown below and shows a striking image and 2 different call-to-action buttons. From our research, we’ve included some ideas of things to include that donors prefer and help with conversion rates (so you can get more money).