There are many school fundraiser opportunities to choose from, we cover our core programs and have brought you a list of awesome easy fundraising ideas!


Looking to engage and boost school spirit? Rainbow explosions in the shape of a colour run our Crazy Colour Day is one of our most popular fundraising ideas – are guaranteed to do just this!

This is one of our favourite easy fundraising ideas, it is very engaging and a whole lot of fun!

A colour fun run promises smiles all around, as all students taking part will take on the form of running rainbows of cheerfulness! Because of this alone, Crazy Colour Days are one of the most prevalent school fundraising events in the calendar year to date.

When it comes to organising school fundraising events like this, you can pick any day that suits you. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive mail in the form of several bright-hued powders, as well as instant access to a School Fundraising Coach, and the Crazy Colour Day Assist Video – both of which will aid you in planning this colour-filled day.

Irrespective of where you’re based in Australia, any school establishment can host a Crazy Colour Day school fundraiser. Crazy Colour Days light up the spirits of schools across the country – spreading joy to both students and the community. fundraiser companies for schools


Create memorable moments for your students with THE BIG SHOW School Fundraiser. Those taking part in these events can expect to raise hundreds or even thousands of dollars to support your local school. Aside from generating much-needed funds, this school fundraising idea also guarantees great memories!

When you sign up to take part in The Big Show school fundraising idea, rest assured you’ll be assisted every step of the way. Our fundraising events team will not only send you an info pack, but they’ll also be on hand to help you with your fundraising needs every step of the way.

Aside from sending staff to assist at your event, you’ll receive a total of three Chase the Cheetah inflatables to run-through measuring an impressive six meters in height.

Those taking part in this school fundraising idea will enjoy feather flags, Be able to wear our Chase the Cheetah mascot, live music and so much more. In fact, this fundraising event is often described as a fete, just without the hard work!

Schools based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast can all apply! However, one point to note is that only one BIG SHOW can be delivered per state, per day. What does this mean? Booking early is essential, especially if you wish to raise funds for a particular date!


Who doesn’t love a little H2O? Especially on a sunny day! This fundraising event is akin to storming through a sprinkler set-up, just like most of us would have done as children. The only difference? The entire school community takes part. This, in a nutshell, is a Splash & Dash fundraiser!

This magical event combines fun and fundraising. Those taking part can expect to slide and slip their way through fun-filled bubbles, whilst helping to heighten the wellbeing of your students at school.

When you sign up for this event, you’ll receive an assortment of non-toxic colour concentrates (these will be used to dye the H2O), sprinklers, water blasters, bubble wands and slime. All that is required of you is water and to set a fundraising goal!

This school fundraiser is our newest event offering. Naturally, it’s a massive hit in the summer months and a great alternative for those wishing to swap the traditional coloured powder style colour run for coloured water fun run with even lower risk for everyone in the school community.

Any school community can hold a Splash & Dash alongside other School Fundraisers. It’s not only a great way to raise money, but these fundraisers are also a great way to raise awareness, whilst inviting students, teachers, parents and the entire school community to take part in a fun-filled, action-packed, colourful day!


How can I increase participation in the School’s Cross Country? We get that question a lot, and a Classic Fun Run could be just the ticket! In essence, this fundraising event comprises a low-key version of the standard event day, yet still boasts oodles of fun, a high level of team support, and donations.

The Classic School Fun Run fundraiser is one of our most popular fundraising ideas and the perfect option for educational institutions looking to heighten student participation in ‘significant’ events, such as Sports Days, Swimming Galas and of course School Cross Countries.

It is also great for fundraising for sporting clubs!

A fine example of this? St Patrick’s College in Strathfield encouraged a huge number of students to participate in their Cross Country run to raise money for the school, raising the bar from 30 individuals to a massive 365 students. And that’s not all! They have raised over $250,000 whilst doing so in just five fundraising events! This money was put towards sports equipment and charitable endeavours like a School Bus for a school in India.

The Classic School Fun Run fundraiser is an extremely effective and easy way to transform the likes of a Cross Country event or another fixed day in the school calendar into a hugely successful school fundraising extravaganza.